Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Japan Releases Defense Paper Raising China And North Korean Concerns

Reuters: Japan defence review expresses 'deep concern' at Chinese coercion

Japan's annual defence review on Tuesday expressed "deep concern" over what it sees as China's coercion, as a more assertive Beijing flouts international rules when dealing with other nations.

Japan's Defence White Paper comes amid heightened tension in Asia less than a month after an arbitration court in the Hague invalidated China's sweeping claims in the disputed South China Sea, in a case brought by the Philippines.

China has refused to recognise the ruling. Japan called on China to adhere to the verdict, which it said was binding. Beijing retorted by warning Tokyo not to interfere.

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WNU Editor: China responds .... Japan's defense white paper hypes up "China threat" for hidden agenda (Xinhuanet). More on China's response here .... China voices strong dissatisfaction over Japan’s defense white paper (CCTV)

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Andrew said...

Is there someplace where the white paper is published for the public yet?

War News Updates Editor said...

I looked Andrew. My guess it is only in Japanese right now, and the English translation may be posted later (maybe).

Andrew said...

Understood. Thank you for the good work!