Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- August 23, 2016

Reuters / Ammar Awad / Reuters

Military.com: US Refuses to Establish Syrian No-Fly Zone Despite Airspace Warnings

It's not a no-fly zone, but Syrian and Russian aircraft venturing near areas where U.S. troops are on the ground risk getting shot down, the Pentagon's press secretary said Monday.

"We always have the right to defend our forces," Pentagon Press Secretary Peter Cook said at a news conference in reference to an incident last Thursday in which Syrian Su-24s bombed near a U.S. Special Forces team on the ground. "We, again, would advise them to steer clear in areas where we are operating."

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- August 23, 2016

Pentagon warns Assad: 'Steer clear' of US forces in Syria -- The Hill

Top U.S. commander skeptical of military cooperation with Russia in Syria -- AP

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Pentagon Has No 'Plan B' If Russian-American Talks on Syria in Geneva Fail -- Sputnik

Special Operations: Syrian Secrets -- Strategy Page

100 US Troops Deployed after Taliban's 'Tactical Victories' in Afghanistan -- VOA

American Killed in Afghanistan as U.S. Continues Taliban War -- US News and World Report

US State Department ‘Sells’ $60 Million in Guns to Afghanistan -- Sputnik

U.S. Marines use Cobra attack helicopters to strike ISIS in Libya -- Military Times

Russia's 'US Missile Defense-Killing' Hypersonic Rockets Arriving Soon -- Sputnik

Warplanes: Syria Gets Better Su-24s -- Strategy Page

Sukhoi Su-34 plane nicknamed ‘Duckling:’ Russian Aerospace Force’s best bomber -- TASS

Turkey cuts length of military officers' service: defense ministry -- Reuters

Germany mulls bringing back compulsory national service -- DW

Britain's New Spy Planes Are Practically Spacecraft - James Simpson, War Is Boring

Argentine Air Force Looks Near and Far in Replacement of Military Planes -- Sputnik

Lithuania splurges on its largest ever military purchase, amid heighened Russia fears -- DW

US Approves $124Mln Sale of Special Operations Boats to Qatar -- Sputnik

US, South Korea Begin Annual Military Drill Despite Threats From Pyongyang -- VOA

US to Move Mobile Land Artillery Weapons to South China Sea -- Scout Warrior

Navy Air Boss: Fighter Readiness Not in Crisis -- Military.com

Air Force beefs up Guam fleet with bombers -- FOX News

F-35 Sets Weapons Test Mission Record with New Software -- DoD Buzz

Looks like the Pentagon turned on the F-35 money tap again -- Business Insider

Lockheed Martin's F-35: Finally Ready for War? -- Rich Smith, Motley Fool

New Images Offer Sneak Peak of Boeing, Northrop T-X Designs -- Defense News

USN on the Prowl for Longer-Range Torpedo - Robert Beckhusen, War Is Boring

What Lurks Beneath: US Navy to Test New Submersible Drones -- Sputnik

Secret Anti-Drone Laser Under Development By Pentagon -- iTech Post

The U.S. Air Force’s next launch contract up for bid? An experimental satellite -- Space News

Boeing's New Defense Strategy Scores a Big Win at Pentagon -- Motley Fool

US nuclear policy remains dangerously stuck in the past -- Diana Ohlbaum, The Hill

Knocking Petraeus, Ham Argues Readiness Woes Are ‘No Myth’ -- DoD Buzz

The Pentagon’s Costly One-Stop-Shopping Approach to Waging War -- Eric Pianin, Fiscal Times

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