Friday, August 26, 2016

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- August 26, 2016

Defense News: More Naval Incidents Reported in Persian Gulf

WASHINGTON -- Three more close encounters have been reported between US Navy warships and vessels operated by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps navy (IRGCN). In one instance, a US warship fired warning shots at an Iranian vessel.

And in an incident taking place Aug. 15, Guards vessels launched rockets in exercises a few miles away from two US Navy ships.

The latest incidents took place Wednesday in the northern Persian Gulf, US defense officials reported today. They follow Tuesday’s incident near the Strait of Hormuz when high-speed vessels approached two US Navy destroyers.

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- August 26, 2016

Iran Navy Brinkmanship Could Force US to Fire at Vessels - Ex-Admiral -- Sputnik

GOP: Ship harassment shows US-Iran relations aren't warming -- The Hill

The U.S. Marines have a long history in Libya. Now they're killing ISIS there. -- Marine Times

U.S. drawdown on track, despite spate of violence in Afghanistan -- Military Times

U.S. says Taliban unable to hold Afghan territory -- Washington Examiner

General: US forces going on missions 'every night' in Afghanistan -- The Hill

Pentagon: US Forces Participate In Only 10 Percent Of Special Ops Against The Taliban -- Daily Caller

Turkish, Russian officials downplay reports Russia might operate out of Incirlik air base -- Air Force Times

Russia's remote-controlled Tigr armored vehicle shows fire power -- TASS

Russia investing in new ships, naval bases 'to project its power' -- UPI

Russia to Conduct Military Drills Amid Ukraine Tensions -- Wall Street Journal

Moscow says US claims against Russia’s combat readiness checks groundless -- TASS

Israeli firm accused of creating iPhone spyware -- The Guardian

Korea F-35A Program Coming Together -- Defense News

Indian Navy Asks French Authorities To Probe Scorpene Leak -- Defense News

Indian Defense Minister Tries to Allay Concerns Over Scorpene Sub Data Leak -- Sputnik

Czechs and Hungarians call for EU army amid security worries -- BBC

Former Italian General Calls for European Army After Brexit Vote -- Defense News

Cruise Missiles: Next Arms Control Deal 'Needs to Cover New Types of Weapons' -- Sputnik

Canada’s special forces commander faces court martial charges for firearm accident in Iraq -- National Post

Boeing Wants to Patent a Fire-Fighting Howitzer Round -- Defense One

McCain, allies cheer watchdog report defending A-10 -- The Hill

Air Force Hasn’t Done Homework On A-10 Retirement: GAO -- Breaking Defense

Top Navy admiral: New Stingray drone will be a tanker -- Navy Times

The US Navy Is Preparing to Take On an Old Foe: Stealthy Enemy Submarines -- Dave Majumdar, National Interest

Army XM 25 "Airburst" Weapon Killed Taliban in Afghanistan - Weapon's Future Uncertain -- Scout Warrior

US Seeking Global Armed Drone Export Rules -- Defense News

Think Lockheed Martin Was Dumb to Buy Sikorsky? Here's Why You're Wrong -- The Street

‘Terminators’ will be built by our enemies, says top US military chief -- RT

The Dangers of No-First-Use -- Franklin C. Miller & Keith B. Payne, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

Troops must find a respectful way to question, general says -- Washington Examiner

Congressmen: FBI, VA must probe vet's death outside hospital -- AP

‘How Everything Became War and the Military Became Everything’ -- Glenn C. Altschuler, San Francisco Chronicle

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