Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- August 9, 2016

A supporter of Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan waves a Turkish flag during a pro-government protest in Cologne, Germany July 31, 2016. REUTERS/VINCENT KESSLER

Reuters: Turkey, Russia rapprochement not seen affecting Turkey's NATO role-Germany

Germany does not believe that a thaw in relations between Turkey and Russia will affect Turkey's role in the NATO alliance, the German Foreign Ministry said on Monday.

The spokeswoman welcomed moves by the two countries to end tensions after Turkey downed a Russian fighter jet near the Syrian border last November, and said better communication was important given their respective roles in ending the civil war in Syria.

"We do not believe that the rapprochement between Turkey and Russia will have consequences for the security partnership within NATO," spokeswoman Sawsan Chebli told a regular government news conference. "Turkey is and remains an important partner within NATO."

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- August 9, 2016

Germany: Turkish-Russian thaw welcome, no worries on NATO -- AP

Iraq receives a new batch of F-16 fighter jets from US -- AP

2 years of anti-IS airstrikes have redrawn the Iraqi map -- AP

'Finish the Job': More Than 1 in 3 Western Anti-ISIS Volunteer Fighters Are American, Many Vets -- ABC News

U.S. Air Force refueling missions over Yemen grow by 60 percent -- Air Force Times

Airstrikes Barely Holding Off Taliban in Helmand, Afghan Officials Say -- New York Times

Problems With Paramilitaries In Afghanistan’s Faryab Province -- RFE

Russia to Use Syrian Combat Experience in Upgrading Helicopter Blades -- Sputnik

Russia's Su-34 set to take up new reconnaissance role -- IHS Jane's 360

A bigger bang: Russian next gen air bombs to enter mass production, says developer -- RT

Russian aviation to receive new-generation bombs — developer -- TASS

Amid NATO Tensions, Russia And Serbia To Host Joint Military Training -- IBTimes

Iran, Azerbaijan interested in Russia as biggest exporter of high-quality weapons -- TASS

Israeli Probe Backs Russian Claims of Accidental Drone Border Breach -- Defense News

Japan mulls issuing open-ended order to intercept North Korean missiles -- IHS Jane's 360

Germany, Netherlands ‘to test joint Patriot-missile task force’ with view to E. Europe deployment -- RT

Singapore Puts Off Decision on Whether to Buy Lockheed’s F-35 -- Bloomberg

US warship visits China for 1st time since Hague rejected Beijing’s S. China Sea claims -- RT

Pentagon Wants Its Own Version of Israel’s Iron Dome for Battlefield -- Sputnik

Pentagon Eyes US Iron Dome To Defend Forward-Based Forces -- Defense News

US Missile Defense Agency Sees Its Research Focus Drop -- Defense news

US Deploys 3 B-2 Bomber Aircraft to Indo-Asia Pacific for Training - STRATCOM -- Sputnik

US Navy's New AEGIS Destroyer Looks Very Impressive...But Is It Affordable? -- Dave Majumdar, National Interest

Who Wants To Replace U.S.’s Aging Nuclear ICBMs? -- Aviation Week

Osprey continues to prove itself in Navy carrier tests -- Navy Times

Enlisted drone pilots won't become warrant officers, but they may fly Reapers -- Air Force Times

Former CIA deputy director: I want to scare Bashar al-Assad -- CBS

Here's the biggest misconception people have about the CIA, according to a man who worked there for 15 years -- Jacquelyn Smith, Business Insider

How the CIA Spooked Hollywood Movies -- Tricia Jenkins, Newsweek

Five Ways The F-35A Fighter Totally Transforms Air Warfare -- Loren Thompson, Forbes

Littoral Combat Ship Needs Full Congressional Support -- Steven Wills, USNI News

A former CIA operative is running for president to stop Donald Trump -- Olivia Becker, VICE

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