Saturday, August 27, 2016

North Korea Is Now Claiming That They Can Now Launch A Nuclear Strike Against The U.S. Mainland

USA Today: North Korea claims it’s now able to nuke U.S. mainland

The nation is celebrating its first successful test of a submarine-launched missile.

The country's leader — Kim Jong Un — says the U.S. mainland is now within striking range of his nuclear weapons.

That sounds like a threat.

Joel Wit, a former U.S. nuclear negotiator with North Korea, says he's concerned, but not worried. "Because — despite this success — we’re not within striking range of their nuclear weapons."

The threat to the U.S. mainland does not yet exist; there's no evidence North Korea has yet been able to miniaturize its nuclear weapons to fit into a warhead.

It's also extremely unlikely they could get a submarine within range of the U.S. coast: The new North Korean missile only appears to have a range of about 600 miles. But Wit says there is cause for concern, "because this is just one more step in terms of steady progress that North Korea is making in building nuclear weapons and building missiles to deliver them.”

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WNU Editor: On top of these threats, we now have this new one .... N. Korea Threatens to Fire at US, S. Korea Troops' Lights (AP)


RussInSoCal said...

This bluster is mostly for internal consumption. Everyone else is growing more and more weary of Kim Jong un.

Rodger said...

Not reacting to statements such as this is a serious mistake. Adolph Hitler told the world his plans and the world did nothing. Look what happened. How many people died? Now, the Korean fat boy is telling his his plans, and the US does nothing. The US should gather intelligence, where will this madman next be out in the open and then launch a tactical nuke on a cruise missile against the spot to obliterate this threat. Otherwise, the who world will regret it.

Bob Huntley said...

Depends what his instructions are if he is assassinated and of course if they are followed. If he left instructions to nuke South Korea and they were followed, there might be a few who would regret his assassination.