Sunday, August 7, 2016

Pentagon Is Denying Reports That A U.S. Soldier Has Been Captured By The Islamic State In Afghanistan?

Military Times: ISIS in Afghanistan claims it has confiscated sensitive U.S. military equipment

The Islamic State group is circulating photos of potentially sensitive American military equipment and identification cards purportedly confiscated by militants after recent battlefield engagements in Afghanistan.

The photos show a variety of weapons, ammunition, communications gear and accessories. Perhaps the most chilling image is a closeup of someone holding two ID cards belonging to a U.S. soldier, Spc. Ryan Jay Larson.

It's unclear when the photographs were taken and what precisely transpired, although there are no reports of any American military personnel having been captured, said Henrietta Levin, a Defense Department spokeswoman.

"We are aware of erroneous reports that U.S. Army Specialist Ryan Jay Larson was captured by ISIL in Afghanistan," Levin said, referring to one the Islamic State group's other monikers. "These reports are false. He has been accounted for and remains in a duty status within his unit. We are looking into how he lost possession of his ID but can confirm he has been accounted for with his unit.‎"

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Update: PHOTOS: ISIS Claim of Captured American Soldier Proven False (Heavy)

WNU Editor: Something must have happened for the Islamic State to get their hands on the ID of a US soldier and what appears to be a lot of U.S. military equipment.

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fazman said...

U. S equipment is probably readily available on the black market and the ID could be a fake