Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Pentagon Orders An Independent Review Of The $12.9 Billion Gerald R. Ford Aircraft Carrier

© Photo: Wikipedia/U.S. Navy

Bloomberg: Pentagon Weapons Buyer Orders Review of Troubled New Carrier

* Kendall cites $12.9 billion ship’s reliance on new technology
* Flaws cited from power systems to radar and launch and landing

The Pentagon’s top weapons buyer has ordered an independent review of the $12.9 billion Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier, citing a list of actual and potential deficiencies with the costliest warship ever.

“With the benefit of hindsight, it was clearly premature to include so many unproven technologies” on the vessel, from those needed to generate power and launch and land aircraft to its radar and elevators to move munitions, Frank Kendall said in an Aug. 23 memo addressed to Navy Secretary Ray Mabus and obtained by Bloomberg News.

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Update #1: Pentagon orders review of unfinished aircraft carrier (Reuters)
Update #2: Report: The US's new $13 billion aircraft carrier is 'premature' with 'unproven technologies' (Business Insider)

WNU Editor: Yup .... something is wrong .... Billions Over Budget and Two Years Late, Navy Ship Still Not Ready (Daily Caller).

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