Tuesday, August 2, 2016

SAS Sniper Kills Suicide Bomber With One Shot 800m Away

Express: Hero SAS sniper saves hundreds of lives by killing ISIS suicide bomber with just one shot

A SUICIDE bomber was foiled by an SAS sniper with a single shot, saving hundreds of people's lives.

The expert shooter took out the bomber moments after he put on a suicide vest packed with hundreds of steel ball-bearings ready for a deadly attack.

In one precise shot from 800m away, the sniper fired through a window to put a bullet through the terrorist's vest causing an explosion.

The bomber, his accomplice and two bomb makers were killed in the blast which sprayed the inside of a bomb making factory in Iraq with shrapnel.

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WNU Editor: Apparently this shot was done in a Baghdad suburb that was considered too dangerous for Iraqi forces to raid. This news in itself is revealing .... if Iraqi forces cannot enter a Baghdad suburb because it is too dangerous for them .... that means it is not under their control and it will always be a hotbed for radical Jihadists.

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