Monday, August 8, 2016

SAS Troops Are Now Using A New Weapon Nicknamed The 'Punisher' In Libyan Street Battles

The SUN: SAS troops smash ISIS with new deadly weapon nicknamed the ‘Punisher’ in a ferocious street battle in Libya

The weapon was used during combat as SAS troops help Libyan forces battle against ISIS

SAS troops fired a deadly new weapon nicknamed the ‘Punisher’ to flush out ISIS fighters during a fierce street battle.

The elite unit pulled out the precision air-burst grenade launcher as they closed in on the terrorists with local forces in Libya.

Its explosives detonated above the targets, scattering shrapnel behind enemy lines.

This caused ISIS to reveal their hideout in a residential neighbourhood of city Sirte.

A gun battle then erupted in which they were captured by Libyan troops.

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Update #1: SAS blasts Isis with ‘Punisher’ in Libya (The Times)
Update #2: British special forces used high-tech weapons against ISIS in Sirte, British press reported (Libyan Express)
Update #3: SAS use prototype 'Punisher' weapon system against Isis in Libya (IBTimes)

WNU Editor: U.S. Soldiers love this weapon .... U.S. Soldiers Love The XM-25 (February 11, 2011).

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