Monday, August 15, 2016

South Koreans Continue To Protest The Deployment of THAAD Missile System

DW: Shaved heads in South Korea signal protest against missile shield

Hundreds of South Koreans have shaved their heads to protest a US missile shield they say will increase regional tensions. Seoul says the THAAD system will protect the country from North Korea's ballistic missiles.

About 900 South Koreans shaved their heads Monday to protest against a US missile shield designed to counter North Korean missile threats, in the southeastern county of Seongju.

"This is the most powerful way of displaying protest," protest leader Kim An-Soo said. "We cannot protest any bigger."

Many of the protesters, melon farmers from Seongju region, sat in somber silence as they had their heads shaved while a protest leader led a crowd in chants of "No THAAD!" in reference to the US Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD).

"THAAD should not be deployed at all, not just in Seongju, but anywhere in South Korea," said Yoo Ji-Won, a 63-year-old farmer. "We residents gathered here and shaved heads to demonstrate against its deployment."

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Update #1: Angry and THAAD: South Koreans shave heads to protest U.S. missile defense system (Reuters)
Update #2: Poll: 56% of South Koreans support THAAD deployment, 31% opposed (The Hankyoreh)

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