Monday, August 29, 2016

The Furture Of War And Conflict Is Electronic

F35B MCAS Beaufort (Photo: Lockheed Martin)

Rick Stella, Digital Trends: From cyberwarfare to drones, the future of conflict is electronic

Innovation can take many forms: Today’s computers are faster. Space travel is cheaper. Artificial intelligence is smarter than ever before. The military is … well …

While the details on Intel’s latest processors or LG’s new OLED technology remain a simple Google search away, the uniquely secretive processes of the United States military make it tough to know what’s truly cutting edge. Much of the work happens behind closed doors, and even when an innovation is made public, layers of classified details often prevent us from ever knowing the full story. We may learn about battery-powered exoskeletons for soldiers from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), or real-life railguns that shoot hunks of metal at blistering speed, but the projects we don’t learn about may be even wilder.

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WNU Editor: The focus is to now develop sophisticated AI platforms .... US Military Works On Developing AI Weapons (iTech Post), but it is also a "war" that the U.S. now believes it is losing .... US military worries it will lose the AI war (Endgadget)

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Anonymous said...

It's extremely frustrating to think there is all this technology hidden behind top secret stamps and underground labs. But when you actually look at the innovations companies such as DARPA are seeking it's not all that extraordinary. Its because of all the red tape that they are hiring sub par inventors. "Successful people are the ones breaking the rules"