Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The U.S. Was Surprised By The Turkish Offensive On ISIS And Kurdish Positions In Syria

Wall Street Journal: Turkish Offensive on Islamic State in Syria Caught U.S. Off Guard

Behind scenes, coordination between Washington and Ankara broke down at senior levels, according to officials.

When Turkish ground forces delivered a lightning strike on Islamic State fighters in Syria last week, the Pentagon hailed what it described as close U.S.-Turkish coordination.

But behind the scenes, cooperation between the North Atlantic Treaty Organization partners broke down at senior levels, according to officials on both sides. The two countries weren’t as aligned on the operation as their public statements indicated.

While the White House was preparing to consider a secret plan to have American special forces join the Turks, Ankara pulled the trigger on the mission unilaterally without giving officials in Washington advance warning. When clashes started between Turkish and Syrian Kurdish fighters—who are directly backed by U.S. Special Forces—the Pentagon issued unusually blunt calls for both to stand down.

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WNU Editor:
The Turks are not listening to the White House .... they are pursuing their own agenda.


Matthew Dupuis said...

Seriously?.... No one in the White House saw this coming? WTF!

RRH said...

There may be some mis-communication, but the chaos agenda continues unhindered.

As for Erdogan,

The dog that barks alone doesn't bark for long.

RRH said...
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Anonymous said...

I sure wish my neighbors dog understood this...

James said...

Obama sends a personal message to Erdogan: