Sunday, August 7, 2016

This Map Breakdowns What Different Countries View As The Greatest Threat To The World

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Business Insider: This map shows what different countries view as the greatest threat to the world

Different cultures span the globe — and with that comes different sentiments about fear.

To determine what global fears are, the World Economic Forum conducted a survey in fall 2015 to determine what the threats and risks for the next decade. This survey included over 700 experts and stakeholders from a variety of fields, including banking, government, and academia.

The top global risk in the next 10 years was determined to be "large-scale involuntary migration" — a divisive topic during the time the survey was conducted.

According to the Pew Research Center, the refugee crisis in the Middle East, particularly the influx of refugees from Syria, gave rise to polarizing news reports — from claims of sexual harassment in Germany, to the potential risk of terrorist infiltration in the incoming wave of refugees.

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WNU Editor: The countries that are the most concerned about climate change are also the countries that are the most polluted .... I see a link there. But does the West view ISIS as the number #1 threat .... I have my doubts .... my choice would be the economy.


Bob Huntley said...

Note the US not included in the list of threats

B.Poster said...

I wondered about that to. What about the US? Of course with the negative world wide media coverage of the US the authors probably didn't feel a need to ask the question. Everyone loathes the US. This is a given right now.

TWN said...

I consider the biggest threat to be the inability of our so called leadership to tell the truth along with their corruption,ISIS is a joke, that's not to say they can't do some damage, but terrorism is not a big deal, drugs, booze, fast food, cigarettes and cars etc, cause more damage to our countries than the terrorists.

Jac said...

Yes, the economy first. No economy, no army.