Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Top U.S. Commander In The Middle East Warns Iran Of Aggressive Behavior

The Hill: US general warns Iran the US Navy will protect itself in the Arabian Gulf

The top U.S. commander in the Middle East warned Iran that the U.S. will protect itself following a string of recent incidents in which the Iranian navy harassed U.S. ships in the Arabian Gulf.

"I think the big concern here is miscalculation, that I'm very confident in the measures that our maritime forces are taking. They are measured. They are deliberate in the things that they are doing, but ultimately we are going to protect ourselves if that comes to a situation," said Army Gen. Joseph Votel at a press briefing on Tuesday.

"Because ultimately we will prevail here and I'm very, very confident of that and we certainly don't want that to come to pass," he added.

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