Wednesday, August 24, 2016

U.S. Election News Updates -- August 24, 2016

Daily Mail: Trump slams Hillary for 'Third World' corruption after it emerged that HALF of her meetings as Secretary of State were with Clinton foundation donors

* Republican nominee called revelations about Clinton 'a disgrace'
* Speaking at a rally in Austin, he called them 'a threat to... democracy'
* Report drew attention to meetings with donors to Clinton Foundation
* Mike Pence also called for the foundation to be 'immediately shut down'

Donald Trump stepped up his attacks on Hillary Clinton by accusing her of 'Third World' corruption after revelations about donor access to the Democratic candidate.

The Republican nominee called the revelations about Clinton and her family's charitable foundation a 'disgrace' and a 'threat to the foundation of democracy' at a rally in Austin, Texas.

A report revealed that more than half the people outside government who met Clinton while she was Secretary of State donated money to the Clinton Foundation.

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The Democrat Campaign

Chorus grows for Clintons to shutter charitable foundation -- Reuters
Clinton to be questioned under oath on origins of email server -- Washington Examiner
Clinton keeps stay-the-course strategy on foundation, emails -- AP
Clinton targets Trump on race -- The Hill
Before debates, Clinton aims to keep Trump expectations high -- AP
Horrified by Trump, Democrats getting nostalgic about Romney -- AP
Clinton to receive first classified briefing Saturday -- The Hill

The Republican Campaign

As Trump tries minority outreach, many blacks unconvinced -- AP
Trump, aiming to widen support, makes pitch to Hispanics -- AP
Trump says immigration enforcement would protect jobs for minorities -- Reuters
Trump's evolving immigration plan compared to Clinton, Obama -- AP
Trump targets China trade, says plans serious measures -- Reuters
Donald Trump Says He Would Meet With Mexico's President -- ABC news
Trump, GOP see gold in Clinton Foundation attacks -- The Hill
Donald Trump: Hollywood celebs who ‘aren’t very hot’ are excited for Hillary Clinton -- Washington Times

General Election Coverage

Sanders: I'll campaign for Clinton, down-ticket Democrats -- AP
Staffers quit new Sanders group after campaign head joined -- The Hill
Nigel Farage To Tell 'Brexit Story' At Trump Rally In Mississippi -- SKY News
Defense industry bucks tradition with donations to Clinton -- Politico
McCain rips major Trump donor, warns of future campaign finance scandals -- Politico

Commentaries, Analysis, And Editorials

Emails reveal how foundation donors got access to Clinton and her close aides at State Dept.
-- Rosalind S. Helderman, Spencer S. Hsu and Tom Hamburger, Washington Post
Was access to Hillary Clinton's time for sale? -- Buck Sexton, CNN
Selling the Secretary: No one should be surprised the Clinton Foundation was hawking access to Hillary. -- Peter Roff, US News and World Report
Hillary Clinton’s run-out-the-clock strategy -- Annie Karni, Politico
Five takeaways from Clinton, Trump finance reports -- Jonathan Swan, The Hill
These Tech Companies Are Bankrolling Hillary Clinton -- Alex Fitzpatrick, Time
Trump gnaws at shorter leash -- Eli Stokols, Politico


James said...

Breaking News: Deep in the Amazon headwaters, after 8 years of grueling and dangerous exploring and investigation, intrepid AP reporters ably assisted by the NYT have discovered a tribe that has not given money to the Clintons. After an intense 11 seconds of interrogation and the symbolic exchange of latte it was determined only one tribe member had even heard of Hillary Clinton, but unfortunately because of hut and financial difficulties he hurled himself into a pool of ferocious piranha’s and was devoured on the spot just hours before his scheduled interview. Faced with this unexpected disappointment our intrepid news team immediately sprang into action and produced an in depth exposure entitled “Micro-aggressions on the upper Orinoco” shining a spotlight on the abuse of tapirs and three toed sloths triggered by climate change.

War News Updates Editor said...

It's all Trump's fault.

Anonymous said...

I thought we were sticking with Powell???