Wednesday, August 10, 2016

U.S. Navy Officer In Charge Of Sailors Captured By Iran Is Facing Punishment

The U.S. sailor filmed apologizing on Iranian State television could be disciplined after appearing to breach the Navy Code of Conduct, it has been reported

USNI News: Leader of U.S. Sailors Captured by Iran Faces Punishment

This post was updated with additional information on the sailors who faced administrative punishment. A graphic of the U.S. Navy’s timeline of events was also added.

The officer in charge of the U.S. sailors who were captured and held by Iranian forces in January faces administrative punishment for his role in the incident, several defense officials have confirmed to USNI News.

Lt. David Nartker – previously assigned to Costal Riverine Squadron 3 — faces an unspecified punishment recommended by the commander of Naval Expeditionary Combat Command (NECC) Rear Adm. Frank Morneau at admiral’s mast last week, USNI News has learned.

USNI News understands he faced multiple specifications under Article 92 – failure to obey an order or regulation — of the Uniformed Code Military Justice. A second unidentified officer — who was a staff officer with Task Force 56 — also appeared before Morneau and was not punished.

NECC would not confirm if Nartker went to mast, but issued a statement on the ongoing accountability actions following the incident.

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WNU Editor: Not surprised that he is facing punishment. When I read this story after this event I said to myself that he was going to face some uncomfortable questions and probable punishment .... Meet 'Lieutenant Sorry': Blundering Navy commander filmed apologizing to Iran for trespassing is 'fun-loving, gun-toting 27-year-old' from Chicago (Daily Mail). He should have stuck to the old line of .... name, rank, and serial number, and leave it like that.

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