Friday, August 19, 2016

Why Are American Foreign Policy And Military Neocons Flocking To Hillary Clinton?

U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. (Reuters/Jim Young) / Reuters

Matthew Yglesias, VOX: Hillary Clinton’s neoconservative fan club, explained

Donald Trump has found ways to alienate some members of all factions of conservative politics, but neoconservative intellectuals, operatives, and policy hands have been the most heavily represented element in the ranks of anti-Trump Republicans.

That’s largely because unlike social conservatives or free marketers, Trump hasn’t even tried to court neoconservative support. On the contrary, he’s gone to substantial lengths to exaggerate the extent of his historical differences with them, pretending to have opposed regime change operations in Iraq and Libya that he in fact supported.

Under the circumstances, it’s natural that Hillary Clinton would fish in these waters as she seeks the broadest possible coalition of support against Trump. But things like leading neoconservative Robert Kagan organizing a fundraiser for Clinton gives pause to liberals in ways that Clinton garnering support from Republican businesswoman Meg Whitman doesn’t.

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WNU Editor: I think the answer to why many American foreign policy and military neocons are flocking to Hillary Clinton is simple .... they know that they will be out of a job in the Republican establishment if Donald Trump is the President. But Hillary Clinton is not a neocon, and while a Trump defeat will probably mean that they will continue to have an influence in the Republican establishment and Party, I doubt that they are going to be a serious factor in a Clinton administration.

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