Tuesday, August 9, 2016

World News Briefs -- August 9, 2016

Al Jazeera: Aleppo battle: Assad sends thousands of reinforcements

The Syrian government has deployed thousands of extra fighters in an attempt to reverse rebel gains in the city.

The Syrian government has sent thousands of reinforcements to mount a counterattack in Aleppo after rebels broke through government lines two days earlier, a monitoring group said.

The Lebanese Shia Hezbollah movement and the government have mobilised more than 3,000 troops and militia fighters for an attempt to recapture the areas where the rebels made their breakthrough, according to the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR).

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UN pleads for urgent Aleppo ceasefire.

No end in sight as anti-IS campaign enters third year.

Iraq defense minister survives mortar attack near Mosul.

Pictures appear to show British special forces on Syrian frontline.

Saudi-led air strikes on Yemen capital resume, nine civilians killed: residents. Air strikes on Yemen capital resume, civilians killed.

Turkish jets hit PKK positions in southeast; 13 rebels dead.

Turkey's Erdogan sits down with Russia's Putin for talks.

Turkey: US shouldn't 'sacrifice' alliance over Muslim cleric.


Thousands flee fierce fighting in Afghanistan's Helmand.

Japan protests to China over ships around disputed islands. Japan says ties with China 'deteriorating' over disputed islands. Tokyo vows 'firm' response to Beijing for hundreds of ships in East China Sea.

China determined to battle on two fronts as North Asian tensions spike.

Pakistani lawyers mourn colleagues slain in Quetta attack. Quetta attack: Pakistan mourns as lawyers begin boycott. Pakistani lawyers go on strike after dozens killed in attack.

US concerned about extrajudicial killings in Philippines.

Myanmar's Suu Kyi sets date for crunch peace talks.

China ridicules Trump's criticism of its trade practices.

Japan marks 71st anniversary of atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki.


Libya makes gains against ISIL in Sirte fighting.

Sudan begins ceasefire talks after opposition signs roadmap to peace. Sudan rebel groups sign AU-brokered peace roadmap.

Zimbabwe's Mugabe seeks to retain defense forces' support after pay delays.

Attacks on Christians in Egypt raise alarms.

Ailing Zambia economy could hurt President Lungu in election.

Kenya's ruling coalition says to merge with other parties before 2017 vote.

Nigeria anger over blogger Abubakar Sidiq Usman's arrest.


Ukraine says one soldier killed as fighting persists in East.

Russia, Ukraine, Germany, France will meet on G20 sidelines.

Armenia violates Karabakh ceasefire 20 times in 24 hours – Azerbaijan military.

Tensions high amid Russian military buildup in Crimea.

Turkey to halt EU migrant deal if visa-free EU travel drags on. Germany's Steinmeier says no visa talks until Turkey meets criteria.

Germany turning away and deporting more migrants.

Merkel critic says Chancellor’s refugee policy is a ‘time bomb’.


Rio 2016: Brazil judge allows political protest at Olympics.

Venezuela seen staving off default again even as crisis worsens.

Peru minister: Strong evidence of police death squads.

Poll: Clinton opens up double-digit lead over Trump.

Clinton campaign says it didn't know Orlando shooter's father was at her rally.

Two Benghazi parents sue Hillary Clinton for wrongful death, defamation.

Colombia expands land restitution to war-torn south amid peace efforts.


Report: 100-plus Americans fighting against ISIS.

Islamic State, Taliban form alliance in Afghanistan to focus on US-backed forces.

The Islamic State and its allies have killed 33,000 people, University of Maryland study finds.


Delta cancel hundreds more flights.

Facebook sidesteps ad-blocking on desktop computers.

There are 2,473 billionaires in the world.


RRH said...


This may be worth a look.


War News Updates Editor said...

Thanks for the link RRH.

I know ... Drudge Report has been posting on this for a long time. Is she like JFK .... hiding her medical problems .... I do not know. But she does remind me of a very good friend of the family .... she is the same age as Hillary Clinton, and my friend had a stroke about 7 years ago. She is sharp and focused .... but sometimes she is just not there (especially when she is stressed). It last a few seconds .... but she is no memory of this lapse.

I will probably be posting at a later date on the health of the candidates.

In Trumps case .... he has to learn to listen and to then think about his response .... not make his response and then think about it later. But at his age .... my guess is that this is terminal.

RRH said...

It's disconcerting to think that people who have medical issues like this can be the POTUS. Even miners have to pass a physical and be fit for duty before they come to work.