Tuesday, September 6, 2016

An Intense On The Ground Report On The Battle For The Islamic State Controlled City Of Sirte, Libya (Video)

RT: RT EXCLUSIVE: Crew dodges ISIS suicide car bomb attack on Libyan battlefield (DRAMATIC VIDEO)

New intense battle footage from Libya shows an RT crew caught in the midst of heavy fighting between government forces and Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) militants as the journalists venture to report, risking their lives from the frontline in Sirte.

After a vehicle with RT’s William Whiteman drove past an intersection in one of Sirte’s contested neighborhoods where sounds of gunfire are heard erupting every few seconds, the journalists managed to cheat death in an attempted suicide attack. An armored car rigged with explosives rapidly approaching their positions was spotted by the government fighters.

Before the terrorist was able to trigger a powerful blast, he was annihilated by a RPG fired by one of the government fighters. The remnants of the car engulfed by flames could be seen through a smashed shutter.

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WNU Editor: This footage is intense. This also tells me that the battle for the Islamic State controlled city of Sirte (Libya), is far from over.

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