Saturday, September 3, 2016

Can The U.S. Navy Protect Its Ships From Multiple Missile Threats At The Same Time?

Kris Osborn, National Interest: Can the US Navy Defend Against Multiple Missiles Threats at the Same Time?

The Navy will soon conduct a multi-target attack test of its emerging ship-defense weapons system designed to protect ships by identifying, tracking and destroying approaching enemy anti-ship cruise missiles from distances beyond the horizon, service officials told Scout Warrior.

The new fire-control system, called Naval Integrated Fire Control – Counter Air, or NIFC-CA, was deployed last year on a Navy cruiser serving as part of the Theodore Roosevelt Carrier Strike Group in the Arabian Gulf, Navy officials told Scout Warrior.

The technology enables ship-based radar to connect with an airborne sensor platform to detect approaching enemy anti-ship cruise missiles from beyond the horizon and, if needed, launch an SM-6 missile to intercept and destroy the incoming threat, Navy officials said.

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WNU Editor: Swarm attacks are nothing new .... but missile swarm attacks against Navy ships is something that the US Navy better get use to as more and more countries invest and build missile systems to do just that.


TWN said...

I can see a future in which Navies as they are constituted will be obsolete, and not to far out, if they are not all ready. The Missile is to the Big Surface Ships what the Aircraft Carrier was to the Battleship, Death. The only reason to keep any of the big ships is for Imperial Entanglements at this point.

Bob Huntley said...

I thought the Israeli's had a missile defense capability that while tracking incoming missiles determined where they would fall and then focused on destroying only those that were projected to fall on real targets. Whether such a system could track swarms is perhaps something to develop.

From an offensive perspective perhaps the ability to project false images of incoming missiles might cause the enemy to deploy and waste their supplies of defensive weapons.

phill said...

There's a reason the US navy is investing huge amounts of money on lasers and railguns.

fazman said...

Ciws do exist