Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Expect More Water Wars In The Future

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Benedict Brook, This precious resource leads to most wars and armed conflicts and things are only getting worse

WE ALL think we know why wars are fought.

Whether it’s the devastation in Syria, armed skirmishes in Africa or Russia’s expansionist leanings, armed conflicts are usually seen as falling into one of very few categories; capturing territory, a political ideology attempting to dominate another or, simply, for a country to get its hands on oilfields.

But, according to one theory, whatever the stated reason for most wars, they actually come down to one reason. Or rather, one resource, which is all around us.

And with stores of this resource dwindling in some parts of the world, things could be about to get a lot worse with a potential future flashpoint being between two of the world’s nuclear armed superpowers — India and China.

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WNU Editor: This blog has been covering the impact that water has on causing conflicts and wars since the beginning. And yes .... the battle for fresh water sources is only going to escalate as demands on this precious resource only increases.

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