Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Growing Calls In South Korea To Develop A Nuclear Deterrent

DW: Calls grow for South Korea to consider deploying nuclear weapons

North Korea's latest nuclear test and recent missile launches prompt a faction within the South's ruling party to confront the possibility that Seoul also needs the ultimate military deterrent. Julian Ryall reports.

With North Korea carrying out its fifth underground nuclear test recently - and reports that the regime of Kim Jong Un is looking to conduct another similar detonation at its Punggye-ri test site - there are growing calls in Seoul for South Korea to develop a comparable nuclear deterrent.

Following an emergency meeting at the National Assembly in Seoul on Monday, September 12, a faction of the ruling Saenuri Party called on the government to consider developing and deploying nuclear weapons to deter Pyongyang from new and increasingly belligerent provocations.

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WNU Editor: This would be a drastic move done under extreme pressure .... and if it should happen it would tell me that the U.S. nuclear umbrella is no longer a factor, and that Asia is in a very dangerous place.

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