Wednesday, September 14, 2016

How And Why Did The U.S. Media Miscalculate The Hillary Clinton Health Story

Clinton being helped prior to slumping and being pulled into her van. Courtesy: Zdenek Gazda on Twitter

Sharyl Attkisson: The News Media’s Miscalculation on Hillary’s Health

I watched the video of Hillary Clinton as she faltered, slumped and then apparently got dragged into her van, and I felt awful. Public officials put themselves in the public eye, but to have every step and misstep analyzed the way we do today seems to be a no-win situation. I wouldn’t want someone videotaping me when I had a migraine headache or–as I did several times in my 20’s working in Florida–became faint and dehydrated. I join with many Americans who wish Clinton the best, and a speedy recovery from what her doctors say is a case of pneumonia and dehydration.

But the incident raises questions about the news media’s coverage surrounding Clinton’s health. Rather than reporting the facts, many in the media have taken it upon themselves to shout down the questions and to controversialize those asking them. On August 21, 2016, after Trump adviser Rudolph Giuliani suggested people research Clinton’s medical state on Google, a New York Times tech columnist retorted in a tweet:

“Google should fix this. It shouldn’t give quarter to conspiracy theorists.” Tweet by Farhad Manjoo of the New York Times, 8/21/2016.

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WNU Editor: I have been consuming U.S. news since the 1980s .... and I have never seen it as bias as this. This is why this blog uses sources from different countries when posting on a major news story .... at least the media in other countries are not influenced by the U.S. echo chamber.

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