Sunday, September 25, 2016

How Winston Churchill Saved The SAS From The 'Bureaucrats'

THE SPECIAL AIR SERVICE (SAS) IN NORTH AFRICA DURING THE SECOND WORLD WAR : A close-up of a heavily armed patrol of 'L' Detachment SAS in their Jeeps, just back from a three month patrol. The crews of the jeeps are all wearing 'Arab-style' headdress, as copied from the Long Range Desert Group. Wikipedia

Daily Mail: How Winston Churchill saved the SAS from its deadliest ever enemy: The bureaucrats who wanted to close the elite fighting unit

* The Special Air Service was saved by the wartime leader from Whitehall
* Interfering civil servants didn't approve of the SAS's covert methods
* The force was criticised after its first mission was an unmitigated disaster

Without Winston Churchill the SAS would likely to have never existed beyond its first mission.

The Special Air Service, the most secretive and admired fighting unit within the British Armed Forces, was saved by the wartime leader from interfering civil servants who didn't approve of its covert methods.

Back in November 1941, the SAS launched its first mission in the Libyan desert after being dreamed up by young Army officer David Stirling.

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WNU Editor: It is interesting that this stuff is only coming out now 70 years after the war.


James said...

In the picture above the man closest to the camera is the only one with insignia and gloves (probably unit co). Other than that there is the obvious, the different caliber configuration of each vehicle etc. Also noted the man closest is the only one wearing shorts, I had not realized WNU had relatives in the British during WWII.

James said...

The above should read: "in the British Army". All in all an illustrious sartorial heritage.

War News Updates Editor said...

LOL. Only in spirit James .... only in spirit

James said...

A considered and cultivated reply: