Monday, September 12, 2016

Intelligence Community 'Quite Upset' Over Donald Trump's Comments About Briefing

ABC News: Intelligence Community 'Quite Upset' Over Donald Trump's Comments About Briefing, Says Retired Col. Steve Ganyard

Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Col. Steve Ganyard said Donald Trump’s comments about his classified intelligence briefing this week troubled some in the intelligence community, saying, “Our friends in the intelligence community were quite upset to hear that sort of talk.”

“I think if there was any discomfort, it was not signaling any personal preference or policy. It was more because they understood that what they were saying might be used against them in a way that was untrue,” he said, in response to Trump’s claim that his briefers’ body language revealed their frustration with President Barack Obama’s leadership.

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WNU Editor: I wish I was a fly in this meeting .... Chris Christie told Trump's top military adviser 'shut up' as he butted in repeatedly during candidate's first intelligence briefing (Daily Mail).

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