Monday, September 12, 2016

North Korea Is Now Claiming That It Can Now Mount Atomic Warheads On Its Missiles

TV sets broadcasting a news report on North Korea's fifth nuclear test Kim Hong-Ji/Reuters

The Independent: North Korea nuclear test: Kim Jong-un's military claims it can mount atomic warheads on missiles to strike 'enemies'

North Korea has launched its largest ever nuclear test, generating global alarm with claims it is now able to mount atomic weapons on missiles for international strikes.

The world united to condemn the display of “fanatic recklessness” by Kim Jong-un’s military, with even its closest allies denouncing the explosion, which triggered a magnitude 5 earthquake.

Fresh sanctions were the expected outcome of an emergency meeting called by the United Nations Security Council but analysts were quick to point out that such measures had done little in the past to quell North Korea’s nuclear ambitions.

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WNU editor: This North Korean claim of being able to mount atomic warheads on its missiles is raising alarms throughout the region .... North Korea nuclear test: Alarm over Pyongyang's claim 'miniaturised' warhead can be loaded on missile (The Independent). The CIA Director is calling this development a direct threat to the U.S. .... CIA chief: Marrying up N.K. nuclear, missile programs poses threat to U.S. (Yonhap News Agency).

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