Friday, September 9, 2016

Parts Of Nigeria Are Facing Famine

Refugees protesting against what they see as poor distribution of food at the Bakkasi camp in Maiduguri

SKY News: Nigeria Faces 'A Famine Unlike Any We Have Ever Seen Anywhere'

Islamic extremists Boko Haram are losing their grip on northeastern Nigeria but they are leaving a new terror in their wake.

Nigeria is on the brink of "a famine unlike any we have ever seen anywhere", according to the United Nations.

Nearly a quarter of a million children in Nigeria's north east are severely malnourished, according to the UN's Assistant Secretary-General Toby Lanzer.

Millions more are thought to be starving in refugee camps that are too dangerous for aid agencies to reach.

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Update #1: Nigeria Facing 'a Famine Unlike Any We Have Ever Seen' (AP)
Update #2: Nigeria's fight against ill-health and malnutrition (Toyin Saraki, Al Jazeera)

WNU Editor: What does not help the situation is the continuing turmoil from the Boko Harem conflict .... Violence Soars in Nigeria as Rival Boko Haram Gangs Go to War (Breitbart). More here .... Exclusive: Nigerian army faces new dangers in Boko Haram campaign (Reuters).

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