Monday, September 26, 2016

Pentagon Expects ISIS To Use Chemical Weapons When The Battle For Mosul Begins

Flag of the Islamic State militants is seen in Falluja, Iraq, June 25, 2016. REUTERS/Thaier Al-Sudani

Reuters: Islamic State 'dead set' on using chemical arms: Pentagon spokesman

Islamic State militants are "dead set" on using chemical arms and are likely to try them again as Iraqi forces advance on Mosul, a Pentagon spokesman said on Monday, a week after a rocket with a possible chemical agent landed near U.S. troops.

The rocket fired Tuesday landed in an unpopulated area near Qayyara West base, several hundred yards from where hundreds of U.S. troops are working to prepare an airfield for an Iraqi offensive to recapture the city of Mosul. No one was hurt in the attack.

The shell initially tested positive for a mustard agent, but two subsequent tests have been inconclusive and the device is undergoing further tests, Navy Captain Jeff Davis, a Pentagon spokesman, told reporters.

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WNU Editor: The Pentagon is now expecting the worse when the battle for Mosul begins .... Pentagon Now Expects ISIS to Use Mustard Gas in Mosul Fight (


Jac said...

The worse....War is war, that's it!
I'm afraid by this comment...because what about nuclear weapon when it will be very serious with a "big country"? are they going under the bed?

Anonymous said...

Is it not out of the question to expect a dirty bomb somewhere within the ISIS theater? That is unless they moved it out of their territory and are awaiting movement to a more suitable location.

B.Poster said...

"A more suitable lication", at least from their perspective, would be the US. I would look for multiple dirty bomb attacks and very likely multiple suit case nuclear bomb attacks accross multiple metropolitan areas in the US carried out simultaneously. 10s of millions of Americans would die.

Are we sure we want to be involved in the attack on Mosul? Such involvement only helps Iran solidify it's control over Iraq. Are we sure we want to help Iran "death to America" in this manner? No one has even asked the question or so it seems. Do 10s of millions of Americans need to die to advance Iran's interests?

Maybe beating ISIS is that important. Maybe Americans need to be sacrificed for Iran's advancement. While I would emphatically say "no", the question is not being asked.