Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Pentagon To Deploy 615 More Soldiers To Iraq

ABC News: Defense Secretary Says 615 More US Troops Will Be Deployed to Iraq

Defense Secretary Ash Carter has announced that 615 additional American troops will head to Iraq to assist the country's military in its future offensive to re-take Mosul from ISIS.

Currently the United States has 4,565 military personnel in Iraq who are training, advising and assisting Iraq's military in the fight against ISIS. With the additional increase, the authorized troop number for Iraq will rise to 5,262.

Carter made the announcement while traveling in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He told reporters traveling with him that the additional troops would "further enable" Iraqi forces engaged in the future offensive on Mosul.

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Anonymous said...

I suppose they will be forced to wear sneakers or some other form of footwear to avoid the "boots on the ground" perception...

Anonymous said...

No body can't fight a war without Daddy America???????