Thursday, September 22, 2016

Pentagon Wants To Deploy 500 More Troops To Iraq Ahead Of The Battle For Mosul

U.S soldiers walked on a bridge in the northern Iraqi town of Gwer in late August. PHOTO: AZAD LASHKARI/REUTERS

FOX News: Pentagon Wants 500 More US Troops for Iraq Amid New Attacks

The Pentagon is seeking to send another 500 U.S. troops to Iraq, in addition to the 400 that arrived over the Labor Day weekend, two military officials tell Fox News -- a development that comes amid a new wave of attacks.

The Pentagon in July first received approval to raise the troop number in Iraq to 4,647, from a previous authorization of 3,870 in January.

If President Obama signs off on the military's plan for more troops, the number would rise above 5,000. There are other U.S. troops inside Iraq that the Pentagon claims are on "temporary" assignments, though some of these deployments last up to one year in country.

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Anonymous said...

Bring your MOPP gear. The weather is dangerous this time of year.

RussInSoCal said...

There's no creep like Mission Creep.

B.Poster said...

500 troops?!!? How is that going to help?!!?

Even if does help, all this does is help Iran solidify it's control over Iraq, Iran is going to take and get all of the credit, and if there are any "spoils of war" Iran is going to get those as well. Why should we help Iran solidify its control over Iraq? It doesn't seem anyone is asking these questions.

There's little the US can do except at the margins. All such help would do is to assist Iran in solidifying its control over Iraq. Perhaps ISIS is such a grave threat that we need to assist Iran here even though we will almost assuredly get nothing except perhaps the backhand from these people. Iran counts as allies Russia and China the most powerful military forces on the planet as allies. Shouldn't they be the ones contributing the forces here? Given the huge threats to American security, wouldn't it make more sense for us to have our forces deployed on the US mainland, along the borders, and off the coasts where they might actually be able to defend America? No one seems to be asking the questions.

Anonymous said...

Having been in front of the White House, watching the smoke from the Pentagon during 9/11, I can tell you the question we asked each other was where was the U.S. military, Secret Service, or other security troops? The Park Police and City Cops were the only ones manning the perimeter. Brave guys.

If you can't mount a credible guard presence at the White House, how do you expect the feds to protect the United States?

The answer, as we in D.C. called it, was the Bubble. It protects those who run the show from reality.

Looked through this crooked lens, what you see makes sense.