Saturday, September 3, 2016

Russia To Deploy A Division Of Troops About 50 Miles From The US

Business Insider: Russia will deploy a division of troops about 50 miles from the US

At a recent event, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that a division of troops would be stationed in Chukotka, Russia's far-east region, just slightly more than 50 miles from Alaska.

"There are plans to form a coastal defense division in 2018 on the Chukotka operational direction," said Shoigu.

He said that the deployment was "to ensure control of the closed sea zones of the Kuril Islands and the Bering Strait, cover the routes of Pacific Fleet forces' deployment in the Far Eastern and Northern sea zones, and increase the combat viability of naval strategic nuclear forces."

Japan and Russia dispute ownership of the northern Kuril Islands, where Russia plans to deploy missile-defense batteries. The Bering Strait is the narrow waterway that separates Alaska from Russia.

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WNU Editor: This is Russian territory .... so they are entitled to do what they want. But beyond the publicity that this story has generated, I doubt that a division of soldiers are going to be deployed to this region .... but for those who are .... be prepared for winter.


Matthew Dupuis said...

In fifty years the Bering Strait will be as vital as the Strait of Hormuz and Suez canal are today; Russia is getting a head start. Or maybe laying the groundwork to invade its lost former territory to protect the Russian minorities living there from the next president's oppressive policies regarding them... :)

RussInSoCal said...

Not choice duty and not their crack troops for this icy garrison.

/They could name it "Castle Black".