Saturday, September 3, 2016

Should The West Learn To Live With Terrorism?

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The Economist: Terrorism, Learning to live with it

People are surprisingly good at coping with repeated terrorist attacks. In America and Europe, they may have to be.

IT HAS been an edgy summer in France. Since the horror of Bastille Day, when Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhel killed 86 people in Nice, heavily armed soldiers have patrolled the beaches. In late July fanatical Muslims murdered a Catholic priest in Normandy. France remains in a state of emergency after gunmen affiliated to Islamic State (IS) killed 130 people in Paris last November. Next year’s presidential election threatens to be a competition over who can sound toughest on terrorism.

Last week Nicolas Sarkozy, a former president, launched his campaign to get his old job back. As well as calling for a national ban on the “burkini”, a modest swimsuit favoured by Muslims, he has proposed the detention or electronic tagging of potentially thousands of people who are on a list of Islamist-inspired security threats. If he wins his party’s nomination, Mr Sarkozy could be the less nativist of two second-round candidates for the presidency. The other would be Marine Le Pen of the National Front.

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WNU Editor: The above graph puts terrorism casualties in the West in perspective.

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Bob Huntley said...

The lulls between the attacks are terrifying.