Saturday, September 24, 2016

Syrian Forces Launch All-Out Offensive To Retake Rebel Controlled Aleppo

Washington Post: Syrian and Russian airstrikes continue major offensive to take back Aleppo

Syrian and Russian warplanes launched a fresh blitz on Aleppo on Saturday as government troops pressed a major offensive to take back the city.

In the rebel-held eastern suburbs, residents said scores of civilians had been killed or injured, pushing doctors to work 24-hour shifts and treat patients on bloodied floors when beds ran out.

The attacks — ongoing since Monday — have shredded a cease-fire deal hailed by the United States and Russia as a rare chance to push the war toward peace talks and its eventual conclusion.

In its place are bombs, raining down with a ferocity unseen during five years of war.

A provisional death toll provided by local nongovernmental organizations on Saturday suggested that at least 92 people had been killed in the eastern suburbs since dawn.

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WNU Editor: The water supply to Aleppo's remaining 2 million civilians has been cut .... Syria bombings leave 1.75 million without running water in Aleppo (The Guardian). Just when one cannot believe that it can get worse .... it does.

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Anonymous said...

How about the multi-year U.S. bombing campaign that destroyed the Iraqi water distribution and purification system killing untold numbers of people?

Where was the U.N. now and then?

Where is the U.S.?

We know where Russia is on this subject.

China is invisible.

Kind of leaves you wondering if the Syrians have a chance in hell.

What do your sources at the U.N. or Russian government tell you about the carnage Russia is meting out on these civilians?

Anonymous said...

Insert William Sherman quote...

Jay Farquharson said...

Game of Thrones cost $100 million for the last season.

Much better value for the dollar than the $60 million Western Taxpayers spend for jihadi propaganda.

Anonymous said...

From Russia Insider...Boris Johnson quot

"What is absolutely clear is that the Russians bear the moral responsibility for what is taking place," he told Channel 4 News.

"You have got aid convoys with UN markings on them being targeted, you have got medical facilities being blown up.

"This is not a civil war, this is a proxy war conducted by puppeteers and those puppeteers are principally in the Kremlin.

"They have an opportunity to bring an end to this. They could tell the Assad regime not to fly, not to bomb, to engage with the whole negotiation.

"Instead, I'm afraid you're seeing a cynical and barbaric protraction of violence and it is tragic."

1. We are the moral superiors of Russians.

2. West played no role in the Syrian conflict.

3. Assad should negotiate with the 70,000 Syria moderates.

4. Russians are barbarians.

Any questions?

Anonymous said...

Jay, once again you show that you are the dean of construction worker scholars. No wonder your stuck in the butt of Canada.


Jay Farquharson said...

BC's "God's Country".

Yesterday morning, the wife and I watched a Cougar stalk deer, from our living room, while having coffee, Kicking Horse 454 , in a French Press.

It's a sad life, I earn a good living "making stuff" of actual use for people, while having "the Nature Network", just outside my front windows.

Anonymous said...

You enjoy cynical quips about death and destruction in Syria. B.C. IS ' gods country' imagine what it would be like with the hombres you all seem to like, pulling the strings of destruction there!

Aizino Smith said...

So John Kerry did a good job with his cease fire.

1) He increased his standing & stock among libtards.

2) He gave Russia & Assad as good people wanting to resolve this diplomatically.

So all in all John Kerry has given good service ... to somebody.

I wonder if he has grass stains on his knees like a certain SCOTUS judge?

Aizino Smith said...

How long will it take to digest Aleppo?

After it is digested ISIS controlled Raqqah will not be long for the world.

Unless if Mosul falls first and the Axis wages 2 major campaigns and Raqqah falls sooner

RRH said...

The "rebels" refused to adhere to the ceasefire and conducted attacks on the SAA throughout the so called "7 days of peace".

The was never any intention of sharing intel or coordinating strikes on Al Nusra/Al Sham with the Russians. The Pentagon was not on board and they plastered the SAA in Deir Easier to make the point.

There has been no separation of the "moderate" and terrorist opposition because if that happened there would effectively be no opposition. The opposition knows it and so does the U.S.; that's why they've been busy trying to get the separation" requirement deleted from the agreement with the Russians.

It snould be no surprise that it's raining hellfire on Aleppo right now. The ceasefire was violated by the "rebels" and their backers (which we all knew it would be). It's back to. Hama Rules from here on in.

In order for talks to work, the Strains/ Russians need someone to talk to. It's obvious that the U.S. bureaucracy is working at cross purposes (or playing at it) and that any agreement worked out with Kerry is not worth the paper it's printed on.

It's also obvious that President Obama just wants to take a magic carpet ride to Hawaii and leave the whole mess in someone else's hands. No one gives a f_k what he has to say anyway.

Aizino Smith said...

"It's also obvious that President Obama just wants to take a magic carpet ride to Hawaii and leave the whole mess in someone else's hands."

People in the U.S., who think like RRH, gave use the Turkey in the 1st place.

"No one gives a f_k what he has to say anyway."
But we do. the Turkey can do a lot of damage in 115 days. he will work assiduously to f__k over America by stacking the bureaucracies with RRHs

Aizino Smith said...

& don't forget pardons, poison pills, etc

RRH said...


"..the wife and I watched a Cougar stalk deer, from our living room, while having coffee, Kicking Horse 454 , in a French Press."

Oh yeah? Well that's got nothing on drinking a medium double double from Timmie's while watching the cops serve my belligerent deadbeat neighbour papers to the sound of barking dogs and quarreling acholics down the street!

As for BC = God's country,

Doesn't hold a candle to my hood.

There's got to be at least eight churches within a ten minute walk from here and all of the above neighbours love Jesus. God has the joint on lockdown.

RRH said...


Sorry, I'd want to get get paid. That's not likely to happen, seeing how the bureaucracies have been stuffed with people like you for decades and all the money has been spent on cookies.

RRH said...

And don't forget,

He's YOUR President You put him there.

Jay Farquharson said...

BC's called "God's Country" because even from the worst areas of the Downtown East Side, you can still see God's Greatest Creations, ( tip, it ain't humans), and it's a short trip from anywhere, into the wild.

Jay Farquharson said...

Never understood your fondness for burqua's, beheadings, stonings, beating women, or praying 5 times a day.

I prefer bikini's.

Aizino Smith said...

#1 " seeing how the bureaucracies have been stuffed with people like you for decades "

Lois Lerner is proof that "the bureaucracies have been stuffed with people like" me "for decades "? Wow, RRH you are delusional.

#2 I voted for McCain and Romney not Obozo. The Left gave us Obama just like it gave us Trudeau of the Trudeau dynasty.