Saturday, September 17, 2016

Syrian Truce On The Verge Of Collapse

Reuters: Syria truce 'will not hold out' says senior rebel source

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Saturday he remained "more positive than negative" over a shaky ceasefire in Syria, but a senior rebel in Aleppo warned the truce "will not hold out" as some fighting persisted and aid failed to come through.

The ceasefire is the result of an agreement between Russia, which backs Syrian President Bashar al-Assad with air power, and the United States, which supports some rebel groups, and has cooled fighting since coming into effect last Monday.

But in comments delivered in Kyrgyzstan on Saturday, Putin cast doubt over Washington's commitment to the deal, saying it was "deviating" from its own call for openness, and had been unable to split moderate from "semi-criminal" rebels.

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WNU Editor: This is not a good sign of what is happening .... UN Syria talks cancelled amid US-Russia tensions (France 24). The UN was suppose to "rubber-stamp" a continuation of the ceasefire .... but they did not even meet.

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