Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The U.S. Navy's Newest Aircraft Carrier Has A Serious Power Problem

© Photo: Wikipedia/U.S. Navy

Defense News: Carrier Ford Has Serious Power Problem

WASHINGTON – For over a year, the US Navy and its shipbuilders have been anxious to get the new aircraft carrier Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78) to sea and begin engineering trials of the first-of-class design. A number of publicly-announced target dates have come and gone, but the ship is still firmly moored at Newport News Shipbuilding in Virginia.

Now, however, a key factor in preventing the ship from casting off lines and getting underway is coming into view. A serious voltage regulator problem on the carrier’s four main turbine generators (MTGs) has prevented engineers from running the motors up to full power, and only now has the problem been identified and a fix decided upon.

The MTGs are a significant element in the ship’s power generation system – an all-new layout supporting a plant developing at least three times the electrical power of previous carriers.

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WNU Editor: This is interesting. The U.S. Navy is now planning for its next class of aircraft carriers .... Navy to Brief Congress Soon on the Results of a Future Aircraft Carrier Study (Scout Warrior).


MaoTin said...

isnt that weird? Lately we hear that Navy and Airforce has one problem after another.

Aizino Smith said...

This is surprising.

Anonymous said...

Quality is job 1.