Thursday, September 15, 2016

Trust In American Mass Media Hist A New Low

Gallop: Americans' Trust in Mass Media Sinks to New Low

* 32% say they have "a great deal" or "a fair amount" of trust
* 14% of Republicans express trust, down from 32% last year
* Confidence drops among younger and older Americans

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Americans' trust and confidence in the mass media "to report the news fully, accurately and fairly" has dropped to its lowest level in Gallup polling history, with 32% saying they have a great deal or fair amount of trust in the media. This is down eight percentage points from last year.

Gallup began asking this question in 1972, and on a yearly basis since 1997. Over the history of the entire trend, Americans' trust and confidence hit its highest point in 1976, at 72%, in the wake of widely lauded examples of investigative journalism regarding Vietnam and the Watergate scandal. After staying in the low to mid-50s through the late 1990s and into the early years of the new century, Americans' trust in the media has fallen slowly and steadily. It has consistently been below a majority level since 2007.

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WNU Editor: Here is an easy prediction .... this trend of not trusting the U.S. mass media is going to continue.


Anonymous said...

Note that there is always a drop in the even numbered years starting in 2008. Then realize that these are election years when the leftist media bias is most obvious.

fred lapides said...

ah, the leftist media, says Anon! such as Wall St Journal? Weekly Standard,National Rev, Pajamas Media, Fox? and so on. Note: there is a left of center media and a right of center media. Methinks blaming The Left Media is a Right wing lazy explanation for all things.

TWN said...

With all the leftist propaganda no wonder, Canadians are seeing this as well,read the comments on Yahoo, especially on CBC articles.

Blogger said...

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