Saturday, September 3, 2016

U.S. - China Differences And Tensions On Display At Today's Meeting Between Presidents Obama And Xi

Bloomberg: Moonlight Stroll Can’t Mask Lingering Tensions Between Obama, Xi

* Historic climate agreement gives way to cyber, maritime talks
* Chinese official, Obama aide in dispute on airport tarmac

After a dinner that wound late into Saturday night, U.S. President Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping left their delegations behind and went for a moonlight walk around the shores of West Lake, the World Heritage Site in Hangzhou dotted by temples, pagodas and beautifully kept gardens.

Obama and Xi discussed their exercise routines, the history of the site, and stopped for a drink of tea. The seemingly informal but carefully orchestrated stroll was intended as a chance for the leaders to ruminate on the final months of a working partnership that has paid dividends for both.

But Saturday also demonstrated that their ability to collaborate to fight climate change -- Xi and Obama stood side by side earlier in the day to announce their countries had ratified the Paris climate accord -- hasn’t bridged persistent differences that have overshadowed Obama’s time in office.

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Update: China Focus: China, U.S. underscore common interests, agree to control differences (Xinhuanet).

WNU editor: The Chinese know that President Obama is a lame duck .... their focus right now is on who will be the next U.S. President.


Jac said...

Obama was a lame duck at "day one". Chinese are playing their game and, even I don't like it, I cannot blame them. A "Ronald Reagan" kind would be more respected, but Obama....who care?

James said...

Coupled with US/Russian talks there are more fig leaves flying around these days than in a Fig-Newton plant.