Friday, September 9, 2016

What's My Take On The National Anthem Protests At NFL Games

The Guardian: Seattle Seahawks consider team-wide national anthem protest at NFL opener

* Players may make protest before Sunday game against Miami
* ‘Whatever we decide to do will be a big surprise’, says LB Bobby Wagner

The Seattle Seahawks are considering following Colin Kaepernick and making a protest of their own before their NFL opener against Miami on Sunday.

A number of Seahawks players said they had been discussing their options, and suggested they might be prepared to take a team-wide stand before the weekend’s game.

Seahawks cornerback Jeremy Lane, who sat for the national anthem during the Seahawks-Raiders pre-season game last Thursday, said he will continue not to stand, while receiver Doug Baldwin and linebacker Bobby Wagner said they had discussed a protest in the locker room.

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WNU Editor: I love playing sports .... and I also love watching sports on TV and going to games. I love football, soccer, hockey, baseball, and golf .... and the last thing that I want to see is politics at a game. And while politics and sports have walked hand-in-hand more than once (the Olympics comes to my mind) .... here is an easy prediction .... if NFL games becomes politicised .... permitting one political action while denying others .... The NFL Banned The Cowboys From Honoring Police. Will It Do The Same To Seahawks Anthem Boycotters? (The Federalists) .... this will kill the sport.


Bob Huntley said...

It is a show until they do something serious like walking off the field when the anthem starts and don't come back to play the game.

Then, once robbed of their entertainment, the people will take the protests really seriously.

Perhaps someone should pen a new more anthem.

Anonymous said...

These protestors are all into gangster rap, with Kapernick leading the way. A lot of finger pointing at everything other than themselves, a bunch of spoiled brats pretending to be protecting their street creds...