Tuesday, September 27, 2016

WHO Report: 90% Of The World’s Population Breathe Bad Air

New York Times: More Than 9 in 10 People Breathe Bad Air, W.H.O. Study Says

HONG KONG — The World Health Organization said on Tuesday that 92 percent of people breathe what it classifies as unhealthy air, in another sign that atmospheric pollution is a significant threat to global public health.

A new report, the W.H.O.’s most comprehensive analysis so far of outdoor air quality worldwide, also said that about three million deaths a year — mostly from cardiovascular, pulmonary and other noncommunicable diseases — were linked to outdoor air pollution. Nearly two-thirds of those deaths are in Southeast Asia and the Western Pacific region, compared with 333,000 in Europe and the Americas, the report said.

“When you look out through the windows in your house or apartment, you don’t see the tiny little particles that are suspended in the air, so the usual perception is that the air is clean,” Rajasekhar Balasubramanian, an air quality expert at the National University of Singapore who was not involved in the study, said in a telephone interview on Tuesday.

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WNU Editor: This issue is far more important to me than global warming, and it is one of the many reasons why I love living in Canada. The smell of the air in this country is fantastic .... and it does impact your health. When I travel to China or Russia and/or other places .... groan .... the air pollution is the first thing that I always notice. Water .... or should I say .... bad water .... is the second thing. On a side note .... China is the worst offender .... China tops WHO list for deadly outdoor air pollution (The Guardian). This is sad. When I was living in China in the 1980s the country did have a pollution problem .... but the air was breathable and acid rain was non-existent. Today .... the smog. The acid rain. And don't even talk about the water.

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Aizino Smith said...

Well we were told by some unnamed Canadians that the air in China is getting better and better.

Maybe they should visit.

Jay Farquharson said...


And yet, LA and other cities, still suck.

Property's cheap in Porter Ranch and the 4 Corners.

Funny thing is, China's noticed, and started to fix things, like the US once did in the '70's. seems fixing things is no longer an American trait.

Jay Farquharson said...

BTW, just passed 442 ppm, it's now locked in.