Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Why Are The Names Of 20,000 Serving British Soldiers Being Posted By The Ministry Of Defense?

Daily Mail: Defence chiefs are accused of giving ISIS a 'hit list' as the names of 20,000 serving British soldiers are published online in a 'serious' security blunder

* The Army List of serving officers is published regularly by the government
* Lists available on the website today contain thousands of names and ranks
* Soldiers are advised not to wear their uniforms off base and to be cautious about what they post on social media

The Ministry of Defence has been accused of a 'serious' security blunder after it emerged the names of thousands of serving military personnel are listed online.

The Government website and the sites of Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force all contain various versions of the list, collectively detailing names and ranks of tens of thousands of military personnel.

It was revealed today a list dating from 2015 includes 20,000 personnel - many of whom will still be serving in the Armed Forces - is on the Government website.

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WNU Editor: Someone is not thinking.

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TWN said...

The problem with the MOD and almost every Military, is tradition, the Army List has been released by the Brits for a couple of centuries and they don't seem to realize that the world has changed. Intelligent Leadership is very hard to come by, and throughout History there have been one example after another, of stupidity like this, the So Called Leaders fail to recognize how Technological advancements change the change everything. When Total War comes the shock will be amazing, and nobody will enjoy it.