Saturday, September 3, 2016

Why Russia's Ruling Party Is Facing A Tough Parliamentary Election

Eva Hartog, Moscow Times: Down, Down, Down: Why Russia’s Ruling Political Party Keeps Losing Support

With little over two weeks left until Russia stages a parliamentary vote, ruling party United Russia is struggling to reverse a downward trend.

A survey published Thursday by the independent Levada Center pollster showed support for United Russia had dropped from 57 percent to 50 percent in August compared to July among those who said they were going to vote in the Sept. 18 State Duma elections.

The change was 39 percent to 31 percent when including undecided voters.

United Russia's rating has fallen slowly but steadily in recent months as the election date approaches.

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WNU Editor: I am not a United Russia supporter .... but many of my family members and friends are .... some are even in the government. But I have noticed this drop in support from my last visit two weeks ago. A year ago .... nothing but praise for Putin and United Russia .... today .... they remind me of Democrat Hillary Clinton supporters .... no enthusiasm, but they are going around convincing themselves that they are better and more stable than their opponent. For United Russia to survive they will need a new message .... and a new messenger .... but neither is going to happen with the present leadership. My prediction .... United Russia will win (but barely) .... but it is going to be a bruising night for them, and voter turnout is not going to be enthusiastic.

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Daniel said...

What I'm really curious about is whether any party outside of the four currently in would be able to get into the Duma. Also, what about Fair/Just Russia?