Thursday, September 1, 2016

World News Briefs -- September 1`, 2016 (Evening Edition)

BBC: Syria conflict: Warplanes bomb Hama amid rebel offensive

Syrian government warplanes are reported to have bombed several areas in the central province of Hama in response to a major rebel offensive.

The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said at least 25 civilians had been killed in strikes on a road near the town of Latamina overnight.

It also reported rebel gains to the south, near Maardis, 11km (seven miles) from the provincial city of Hama.

But state media said army operations in the area had left 50 "terrorists" dead.

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Syria: Rebels make gains in major Hama offensive. Jets bomb Syrian rebels as they wage big attack in Hama province.

UN blames Syrian government siege strategy for expected mass evacuations.

U.N. hopes for Aleppo truce, U.S.-Russia talks seek wider ceasefire.

U.S. troops in Iraq increasingly active as Mosul battle nears.

US agreed to secret exemptions for Iran following nuclear deal: report.

Iran to build two nuclear plants with Russia. Iran to Start Building Two Reactors at Bushehr NPP on September 10.

British Airways to resume direct flights to Iran.

Turkey coup attempt: 543 more court officials sacked. Turkey removes about 8,000 security personnel in latest purge.


Myanmar: Ethnic group storms out of peace talks.

Pakistan admits for the first time that ISIS is active in the country after foiling planned attach on foreign embassies.

Pakistan, Afghanistan agree to reopen border crossing.

Philippine president turns down meeting with U.N. chief after drug war dispute.

Uzbek President Islam Karimov's independence day speech read out on TV.

Obama visits Midway Atoll, a symbol of his climate, Asia legacy.

Putin, Abe to discuss Kuril Islands problem — Kremlin.

Kim Jong-un executes education minister by firing squad for not SITTING properly during a meeting.

Powerful quake off north-east New Zealand coast.


Electoral violence returns to haunt Gabon.

Nowhere to run for ISIS in Libya.

Obama extends Libya bombing mission against ISIS, officials say.

More than 100 US airstrikes against Islamic State in Libya in August.

Libya chemical weapons: Components leave for Europe.

Boko Haram has just 'weeks left' claims Nigerian army commander.

Tunisia: 3 dead in border operation against extremists.

Tension between Tanzania's 'bulldozer' president and opposition.

Congo opposition supporters clash before election talks.


Germany, Italy, France to meet with Turkey on migrants: Merkel. With migrant deal under threat, EU ups diplomatic efforts.

Merkel, under pressure, stresses need to deport failed asylum-seekers.

Ukraine crisis: New ceasefire 'holding with eastern rebels'.

Hollande and Merkel support Ukraine ceasefire deal. Merkel, Hollande worried about Ukraine conflict ahead of meeting with Putin.

U.S. imposes sanctions on 'Putin's bridge' to Crimea.

Half a million young Italians are about to receive free money to stay away from terrorism.

Romanian interior minister resigns pending corruption probe.

Eton boys secure private audience at the Kremlin with Vladimir Putin.


Opposition calls for Maduro's exit in Caracas rally.

Brazil's former President Dilma Rousseff appeals impeachment.

Mexico calls Trump wall plan 'outrageous' after visit.

Mexican president likely hurt by 'ill-advised' Trump meeting.

'Life-threatening' Hurricane Hermine aims at Florida.

Canada's economy takes largest hit since 2009.

National debt hits $19.5 trillion.


US adds Islamic State commander in Somalia to list of global terrorists.

Former senator: Inquiry over Saudi involvement in 9/11 is not over. FBI 'never showed up' to interview top 9/11 suspect.

George Washington University hires a former al-Qaeda recruiter.


Apple CEO calls EU tax ruling 'political crap'. Apple tax ruling is unfair, says former European commissioner.

Obama likely to address corporate tax avoidance at G20: White House.

Rocket explosion is blow to SpaceX, Facebook and others.

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