Friday, September 16, 2016

World News Briefs -- September 16, 2016

BBC: Syria war: US and Russia argue over truce

There are signs of growing tensions between the US and Russia over Syria - four days after a ceasefire agreed between the two sides came into effect.

Moscow warned it could resume air strikes on "moderate" rebel groups unless Washington did more to distance them from extremists.

In turn, the US voiced concern about delays in providing humanitarian aid to Aleppo and other besieged areas.

Truce breaches by Syrian troops and rebel groups have also been reported.

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Russia, U.S. seek to prolong Syria truce but aid blocked, violence spreads.

Russia urges U.S. to pressure Syria rebels on Aleppo aid convoys.

Syria's war: UN appeals for passage of Aleppo aid.

Syria war: Russia 'could resume strikes' on rebel groups.

Moscow harbors no secret plans to resolve Syrian conflict.

Exclusive: U.N. inquiry blames Syrian military for chlorine bomb attacks - source.

Dozens killed in clashes around Yemen's besieged Taiz.

British embassy in Turkey forced to CLOSE amid fears of a terror attack.

Israeli forces kill three Palestinians, one Jordanian. Spate of attacks on Israelis leaves three assailants dead.

Israeli settlements have grown during the Obama years.


Suicide bomber targets crowded mosque in Pakistan. Pakistan: Suicide bomber kills dozens in Mohmand mosque.

GOP to Obama: Sanction Chinese entities to get to North Korea.

U.S. Senators question aid to Afghanistan amid 'rampant corruption'.

Arrested Afghans put on display by police in Iran, sparking anger.

Violence and uncertainty await repatriated Afghan refugees.

Philippine president's death squad accuser denied protection. Philippine senators deride witness behind Duterte 'death squad' link.

Myanmar soldiers jailed for village murders in rare case.

China’s newly launched space station will receive its first crew next month.

India detains leading Kashmiri human rights activist.


Italy braces as 235,000 migrants on Libya’s coast wait to cross the Mediterranean to Europe.

Libya says 1,425 migrants turned back over two days.

South Sudan refugees reach one million mark.

South Sudanese women continue to face violence.

Kenya's authorities threaten Somali refugees: Rights group.

Burkina Faso ex-PM detained on charges of killing protesters.

Nigeria downgraded by S&P, advised by Africa's richest man to sell assets.

Egypt takes delivery of second French Mistral warship.


New ceasefire in Donbass proves fragile hours after starting. Both sides report violations of cease-fire in Ukraine.

Poroshenko: Russia has made Crimea 'concentration camp'.

Putin blames Kiev for Crimea events, stresses Russia did not annex region.

Bratislava EU meeting: Merkel says bloc in 'critical situation'. Divided European leaders struggle with post-Brexit vision.

Italy PM slams EU summit's conclusions on growth and immigration.

Hungarian PM says EU migrant policy self-destructive, Germany should cap numbers.

More German police deployed to Bautzen after riots.

Opinion poll shows 60 percent of Germans want a cap on refugees.

Russia heads into parliamentary election with firm Putin grip.

Swedish appeals court upholds arrest warrant for WikiLeaks founder Assange.


White House said mulling legal action against Russian hackers.

Venezuela opposition running out of options to force 2016 Maduro vote.

Mexico: Thousands of demonstrators demand President Nieto's resignation.

Brazil files terrorism charges against eight for IS support.

Canada says did not make concessions to China for return of detainee.

Overworked & over-medicated: US ranks as third most depressed nation.


Airstrike kills ISIS minister of information.

Majid Khan, at Guantanamo Bay, apologizes, asks forgiveness for role in al-Qaida terror.

At least four freed Gitmo detainees have returned to terrorism this year, US says.

More ex-Gitmo detainees returning to terror, as Obama faces closure complications.

Cost of US post-9/11 wars approaching $5trn – report.

White House pressures lawmakers to abandon Saudi 9/11 bill.

American men who died fighting Islamic State come home.


Deutsche Bank shares tank on $14 billion US claim.

US bankers: 'Brexit impact global'.

US regulators order recall of 1m Samsung Note 7 phones.

US economy may be ruined by 'crazies', warns Alan Greenspan.

What could you get for $175M? A huge estate and a US record.

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