Wednesday, September 21, 2016

World News Briefs -- September 21, 2016

Reuters: Fighting further buries hopes for Syria truce

Syrian rebels and pro-government forces battled each other on major frontlines near Aleppo and Hama, and air strikes reportedly killed a dozen people including four medical workers, as a ceasefire appeared to have completely unraveled.

The renewed battles demonstrated the thin prospects for reviving a truce that collapsed into fresh fighting and bombardments on Monday, including an attack on an aid convoy which U.S. officials believe was carried out by Russian jets. Moscow denies involvement.

The U.N. Security Council was due to hold a high-level meeting on Syria later on Wednesday.

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Deadly airstrike hits clinic near Aleppo. Syria conflict: Air strike kills five medical workers.

Ceasefire still on table after reassuring Syria Support Group meeting at UN.

Russia to send aircraft carrier to Syria as ceasefire hangs in balance.

Kerry wants aircraft grounded to allow Syria humanitarian aid.

US, Russia trade barbs as Security Council addresses Syria.

Iraqi finance minister sacked, risking economic fallout.

Iran 'determined' to boost its military after US-Israel deal.

Israeli Air Force fighter shoots down Hamas drone.

Turkey attack: Man shot at Israel embassy in Ankara.

Fears mount that Obama will change course on Israel in final months. As Obama's term wanes, so does focus on Israeli-Palestinian issue.


North Korea: US supersonic bombers fly over South Korea after Pyongyang nuclear tests.

South Korea confirms it has military plan to remove Kim Jong Un.

SKorea questions 'serial offender' NKorea's UN membership.

North Korea only has 28 websites, according to leak of official data.

Afghanistan says to sign peace deal with warlord Hekmatyar.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte launches profanity-laden tirade at the E.U.. Philippines' Duterte gives middle finger to European Union after criticism of drug war.

Abe: Japan's shrinking population not burden but incentive.

China space station to fall to Earth in 2017.


Nigerian army says battling to push Boko Haram out of northeast town. Islamic extremists claim to kill 40 troops in Nigeria town.

Shabaab captures town in central Somalia.

Libyan official says 3 North Koreans freed from ISIS.

Congo threatens to punish those behind anti-Kabila riots.

UN fears Mali clashes could hurt peace process.

Hope fades in Malawi as severe drought leaves millions suffering.

Migrant boat capsizes off Egyptian coast.

Zimbabwean 'flag abusers' face jail.


Brexit has had 'no major effect' on UK economy so far.

Brussels under siege as THOUSANDS march against hated EU trade deals.

EU accepts Bosnia and Herzegovina's membership application.

Bosnia: War talk again in the Balkans.

Spanish politicians mull reform to avoid Christmas Day election.

French police make eight new arrests over Nice truck attack.

Greece rejects asylum requests by three Turkish soldiers.

German immigration official charged with spying for India.

Rome 2024 Olympic bid collapses in acrimony. New mayor kills off Rome's bid for 2024 Olympics.


Charlotte police: Man killed by officers holding gun, not book. Violent protests break out in Charlotte after police fatally shoot black man; 12 officers injured.

Obama threatens to veto bill targeting Iran's leaders. Ryan has concerns over 9/11 Saudi bill but predicts veto override.

Texas threatens to 'exit' the federal refugee program over terrorist concerns.

Colombia’s FARC conference turns into Woodstock-style celebration.

Argentine leader mentions Falklands in chat with British PM.

Brazil's ex-president Lula to be tried for corruption.

Schools in Canadian province evacuated over potential threat: police.

Murder-plagued Chicago to hire more cops: reports.


Boko Haram ‘more lethal’ than ISIS, Al-Qaeda.

Drone strike kills two suspected Al Qaeda members in Yemen.

Rahami charged over New York, New Jersey bombings. Bomb suspect praised Osama bin Laden, Anwar al Awlaki in notebook.


U.S. begins unblocking jetliner sales to Iran.

Microsoft launches $40bn share buyback.

VW hit by flood of new lawsuits in emissions scandal.

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