Friday, September 23, 2016

World News Briefs -- September 23, 2016

Reuters: Fierce air strikes on Aleppo after Syrian army declares offensive

Warplanes bombed Aleppo on Friday with what residents described as unprecedented ferocity after the Russian-backed Syrian army declared an offensive to fully capture Syria's biggest city, killing off any hope of reviving a ceasefire.

Video images filmed by residents showed a young girl screaming as rescuers frantically dug her out of rubble, pulling her out alive. Another showed rescuers digging out a toddler with their bare hands, shouting "God is Great" as they lift him from the debris. The boy showed no signs of life as he was rushed off in a rescuer's arms.

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Missiles rain on Aleppo as Syrian army readies ground assault. Scores killed as Syrian jets pound rebel-held Aleppo.

Syria opposition: No indication Russia has interest in ceasefire.

UN says 180 civilians killed in 1 month in Yemen conflict.

Yemen president vows at U.N. to 'extract Yemen from claws of Iran'.

Iran president hints at future prisoner swaps, cash settlements with US.

Abbas to UN: Declare 2017 year to end Israel occupation.

Saudis offer oil cut for OPEC deal if Iran freezes output: sources.


North Korea threatens hydrogen bomb retaliation after Seoul confirms military plan.

Head of U.S. forces in Afghanistan says peace deal with warlord 'encouraging'.

Bomb kills three Thai police officers in southern ambush.

Indian soldiers fire at Kashmir protesters, 1 killed.

Philippines seeks Duterte visits to Japan, China next month.

Japan PM raises North Korea nuclear program with Cuba's Fidel Castro.

U.N. agency snubs Taiwan, recognizing Beijing's 'one China'.

Myanmar human rights commission faces outcry over child abuse case.


Mali leader warns U.N.: Qaeda, Islamic State gaining ground in country.

Nigerian military rejects complaint about incident that killed 380 Muslims.

Global protests move Biafra conflict back into the spotlight.

Tense Gabon awaits court ruling on presidential vote.

Expectations and reality clash ahead of Somali elections.

Morocco, seeking support for W.Sahara plan, asks to rejoin African bloc.

Over 140 bodies recovered from Egypt refugee shipwreck.


Brexit forever? Britain keeps the world waiting for EU divorce papers.

Splits in UK PM's cabinet leave world guessing on Brexit.

Ukraine says peace process at risk without EU sanctions.

Putin: USSR could have been reformed, there was no need to destroy it.

Russian diplomat urges new treaty on conventional arms in Europe.

Poland set for government re-shuffle next week: PM.

Italy: Another Olympic bid unlikely for 20 years.


Charlotte police shooting: Protests mostly peaceful. Charlotte curfew ends after largely peaceful protest night.

Trump doubles down on 'law-and-order' appeal in White House bid.

Bolivia's Morales accuses Chile of restricting access to ports.

EU Commission refuses to revise Canada CETA trade deal.

Canada: yearly inflation rate slowed in August to 1.1%.

Cheers erupt as Puerto Rico slowly emerges from blackout.

Cuba plans to install wi-fi on Havana's iconic Malecon seafront.


Kansas AG: Pentagon spent $26K looking for Gitmo alternatives.

Syrian Army discovers Turkish manual instructing terrorists in use of nukes.

Barack Obama to block bill allowing 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia.


Moody's warns Trump presidency could damage US and global economies.

Salesforce, Google, Microsoft, Verizon are all eyeing up a Twitter bid. Twitter shares soar almost 20% on takeover talk.

Facebook 'overestimated' video viewing time.

UN warns next global financial crisis may include huge debt defaults.

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