Friday, September 30, 2016

World News Briefs -- September 30, 2016

NBC News: U.S. Officials: Thousands of Ground Troops Massing Around Aleppo

Two senior U.S. officials tell NBC News that thousands of ground troops are massing around Aleppo and they worry that the war-torn city could soon fall.

The officials said they are awaiting a major ground operation as troops representing a mix of Syrian regime, Iranian Quds Force, Hezbollah, paid fighters from Iraq (Badr Brigade) and from Afghanistan gather.

Russian fixed wing and Syrian regime helicopters continue to pound the city from the air and they are still striking Aleppo with artillery batteries outside the city. The officials expect this to continue once the ground forces move in.

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Russia sends more warplanes to Syria amid world anger at 'barbarous' strikes.

Sectarian fighters mass for battle to capture east Aleppo.

Syria's war: 'Russian air raids kill 9,400 in one year'.

More than 80% of UN aid convoys in Syria blocked or delayed.

Syria's war: US-Russia talks 'on verge of ending'. Moscow is still open for dialogue with US on Syria — Lavrov.

Saudi Arabia furious over 9/11 vote.

Turkey gets a three-month extension of its state of emergency.

Israel pays Turkey $20 million over flotilla raid: official.

World leaders gather to honor Shimon Peres at Jerusalem funeral.


Kashmir: Pakistan calls emergency meeting amid 'deteriorating situation'.

Pakistan captures Indian soldier along disputed Kashmir border. India seeks release of soldier captured by Pakistan in Kashmir.

Kashmir attack: Villagers evacuate after India 'surgical strikes'.

After military raid, India looks at more ways to pressure Pakistan.

Seoul says North Korean soldier crossed the border to defect.

Chinese fishermen killed in S Korea coastguard clash.

Pentagon chief reassures ASEAN ministers over future US commitments.

Philippines' Duterte compares anti-drug crusade to Hitler.

Thailand's military allows 'culture of torture', says Amnesty.


14 soldiers killed in anti-Boko Haram operations: Niger.

UN warns of world's worst humanitarian crisis in Boko Haram region.

One million people in Somalia now face malnutrition.

Watchdog unable to say if chemical weapons used in Sudan.

EU extends sanctions on Libyan parliament head.

Libya: More than 100 families at risk of starvation in Benghazi.

DR Congo rebel leader back in court after hunger strike.


Greece says Erdogan's remarks on islands 'dangerous' to relations. Greek anger at Turkey border treaty remarks.

Cyprus President: No peace deal with Turkish military rights.

German interior minister revises 2015 refugee influx from 1.1 million to 890,000.

Czech PM urges ​Theresa May to stop attacks on citizens after Brexit vote.

Spain's Socialists line up for crucial leadership battle.

Pope in Georgia: Vaguely Russia rebuke, warm Georgia welcome.

Van Gogh paintings stolen from Amsterdam found in Italy.


US election 2016: Trump denies he breached Cuba embargo. Twitter, 'lies' and videotape: Trump shames beauty queen.

Trump says his company is worth $2 billion.

Obama admin ripped over ‘secret’ deal aiding Iranian banks.

US death penalty: Proportion of Americans who support execution falls below 50% for the first time.

Race and homicide in America, by the numbers.

Colombia's ELN rebels 'ready to start peace talks'.

Argentina discloses poverty data after three-year gap.

Four Mexican soldiers killed as military convoy ambushed in Sinaloa.

Investigators question engineer in deadly train crash.


After Islamic State, fears of a 'Shiite Crescent' in Mideast.

Boko Haram region could become world's worst crisis: UN.

Turkistan Islamic Party in Syria shows more ‘little jihadists’.


OPEC oil output hits record on Iraq, Libya boost: Reuters survey.

World Bank to name and shame countries that fail to prevent stunting in children.

Deutsche Bank shares recover on fine reduction report. Deutsche Bank chief Cryan tries to reassure on bank's strength.

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