Friday, September 9, 2016

World News Briefs -- September 9, 2016

BBC: North Korea's 'biggest' nuclear test sparks global outrage

World leaders have reacted with anger after North Korea carried out its fifth and reportedly biggest nuclear test.

The South accused the North's leader Kim Jong-un of "maniacal recklessness".

China "firmly opposed" the test, Japan "protested adamantly" and the US warned of "serious consequences" including "new sanctions". The UN Security Council will meet later behind closed doors to discuss the issue.

Such nuclear tests are banned by the UN but this is Pyongyang's second in 2016.

Kim Jong-un's rhetoric has also become increasingly aggressive, analysts say.

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Kerry and Lavrov holding talks on Syria ceasefire deal.

Islamic State group: Turkey and US 'ready to invade capital'.

Syria war: Rebel-held Aleppo has 'days' of fuel left - UN.

Three Turkish soldiers killed by ISIL in northern Syria.

Turkish air strikes destroy four targets in northern Syria: military. Syria conflict: Senior militant leader 'killed' near Aleppo.

Iraq gears up for late-year push to retake Mosul from Islamic State.

Turkey conducting 'largest ever' operations against PKK.

Syrians in Yemen: They fled Assad to find Saudi strikes.

Hajj 2016: More than a million Muslims head to Mecca.


Global condemnation for North Korea nuclear test, sanctions threatened.

Seoul: North Korea's 5th nuke test 'fanatic recklessness'.

China slams N.Korea's nuclear test but unlikely to do much.

Afghan forces flee as Taliban militants push into another city.

Humanitarian crisis looms as Afghan refugees pressured out of Pakistan.

China marks Mao anniversary, but President Xi makes no mention.

Philippines' Duterte tells Obama he never cursed him.

Duminda Silva: Sri Lankan ex-MP sentenced to death.


Nigeria facing 'a famine unlike any we have ever seen'.

Malian opposition resolves to engage in dialogue for peace.

Uganda's main opposition figure wants his day in court.

UN panel blames South Sudan leaders for Juba violence.

Libya chemical weapons: 'Last ingredients' set for destruction.

Zimbabwe to cut 25,000 civil service jobs.

Kenyan Muslims can wear hijab at Christian schools - court.


NATO, EU work full steam to improve ties with Turkey.

Germany to pour cash into mass surveillance.

Italy eyes financial incentives to kickstart EU Army.

Crimea ‘cannot be given back’ to Ukraine – Czech president.

Greece rejects taking in more refugees from EU states.

Nearly 1,500 child marriages on the books in Germany.

German exports fall in July after global demand weakens.

Deadly train crash near O Porrino in north-west Spain.


Venezuelans revel in pots-and-pans protests after Maduro humiliation.

Arrests over hacks of CIA and FBI staff.

Congress passes Saudi 9/11 lawsuits bill.

Mexico threatens to cancel treaties if Trump is elected.

Outside Havana, Cubans are still waiting for American visitors.

Zika doubled devastating birth defects in Brazil.

Rio Olympics 2016: Brazil police want to question IOC head Thomas Bach.


Foiled Paris attack 'was directed by IS'.

IS territory loss could heighten risk of attacks in Europe.

Pakistan can't 'pick and choose' terror groups to go after: US.

The ISIS leader who once received Canadian military training.


Galaxy Note 7: Owners advised not to use on planes.

US bank Wells Fargo fined $185m for opening illegal accounts.

Fury over Facebook 'Napalm girl' censorship. Norwegian newspaper blasts Facebook's Zuckerberg for censorship.

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