Saturday, October 15, 2016

A Look At How The Global Migration Crisis Is Resulting In The Rise Of Border Barriers

Hungary-Serbia border barrier. Wikipedia

Washington Post: RAISING BARRIERS - A New Age of Walls · Episode 1

A generation ago, globalization shrank the world. Nations linked by trade and technology began to erase old boundaries. But now barriers are rising again, driven by waves of migration, spillover from wars and the growing threat of terrorism.

From eight countries across three continents, this series examines the divisions between countries and peoples through interwoven words, video and sound.

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WNU Editor: I guess no one wants this in their backyard .... 'Scenes from the apocalypse': Filmmaker's shocking footage shows once-romantic Paris covered in filth and rubbish as African migrants are forced to live in the streets (Daily Mail). A prediction .... people want a better life .... and in much of the world the opportunity to have a better life is just not there .... hence the global migration that we are witnessing today. But there is a tipping point .... and I will not be surprised if we will reach it in the next few years (or sooner).

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