Friday, October 7, 2016

Finland Accuses Russia Of Violating Its Air Space

BBC: Finland jets monitor Russian fighters on border flights

Finland's Defence Ministry says it has scrambled jets twice in the past 24 hours to monitor suspected airspace violations by Russian fighters.

A Russian Su-27 fighter was detected in the Gulf of Finland south of Porvoo late on Thursday, the ministry said.

Another Russian Su-27 was detected on a suspicious flight there earlier. "Russian military aviation over the Baltic Sea has been intense," it said.

The Russian military said there was no violation of Finnish airspace.

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WNU editor: Russia is denying these claims .... Moscow denies claims Russian jets violated Finnish, Estonian airspace (RT). The Estonians are also complaining .... Russian Su-27 Fighter Jet Violated Estonian Airspace, NATO Envoy Says (IBTimes)

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Stephen Davenport said...

Of course they deny anything, they are professional liars.