Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Here Comes The Russian Navy

The HMS Richmond is observing the Admiral Kuznetsov conduct flight training operations off the coast of the Orkneys as the Russian carrier fleet prepares to deploy to the Mediterranean

The Independent: Russian naval fleet sailing towards English Channel with flagship aircraft carrier and nuclear-powered destroyers

Aircraft carrier transporting fighter jets, combat helicopters and cruise missiles to Syria.

Russia’s flagship aircraft carrier is leading a fleet of naval ships heading towards the English Channel as they journey towards Syria.

The nuclear-powered Admiral Kuznetzov is one of seven vessels photographed off the Norwegian coastline on Monday en-route to the eastern Mediterranean, with the most likely passage taking them through the North Sea, Dover Strait and English Channel before heading south.

The Admiral Kuznetzov is loaded with fighter jets, reconnaissance and combat helicopters and cruise missiles to be used to bolster Russia’s bombing campaign in support of President Bashar al-Assad.

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More News On A Russian Fleet Making Its Way To Syria

We are watching you: British Royal Navy keeps a watchful eye on Russia's Northern Fleet as it heads for the Channel on a mission to 'seize control' of the Med and mocks our 'tiny ships' as they go -- Daily Mail
UK sends warships to shadow Russian naval task force -- BBC
Royal Navy warships on trail as Russian fleet steams towards UK waters -- The Telegraph
Russian fleet spotted off Norway as it heads toward English Channel -- The Guardian/AFP
Major Russian naval force sails to North Sea past Norway -- BBC
Russia's naval task force: Power play or just theatre? -- Jonathan Marcus, BBC

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